About Me

My Journey
My career started as a UI engineer, building UIs for enterprise products. Building UIs got me intrigued about user experience and design, leading me to build products that users need.

As an entrepreneur, I designed and built collaborative project management tools (think JIRA + Slack). I learned a lot about user needs and design through this experience, which started my transition from UI engineering to UX design.

During this, I saw tremendous opportunity in improving UX for enterprise software.

I took courses on HCI and UX, enabling me to switch careers and focus full-time on user experience, to become the hands-on design leader that I am today. I initially focused on doing interaction design. I later transitioned into operationalizing UX for enterprise products and subsequently transitioned into leading a user experience team for Veritas, at a critical time for the company. After Veritas, I worked at SpringPath (acquired by Cisco), to lead all UX efforts for HyperFlex. I started at SpringPath as the sole UX team member and ended up hiring a designer in my team. In 2018, I started working at Marketo, to head up the UX team for all Marketo products. I managed an extended team of 15. 

I currently work at SAP, as the Head of User Experience for Procurement and Ariba. I lead the UX efforts for all products within the portfolio. I currently manage an extended team of 100+, which includes Sr. Directors, Directors and ICs.​​​​​​​
Team Culture
Team culture is extremely important to me as a leader and an employee. I believe that a strong team culture leads to great productivity, engaged employees and overall increased job satisfaction & happiness. Team culture derives from the values the team embraces combined with leadership characteristics that enable it.

Trust, Respect, Creative, Collaborative, Objective, Transparent, Fun, Always-learning

Leadership Enablers
Empowerment, Flexibility, Transparency, Accommodative, Lead-by-example, Inclusive
Design Philosophy
Design products & experiences that are
Familiar, Forgiving, Accessible and Relatable

Concise, Clear, Reassuring, Helpful

Consistent, Predictable, Transparent

Anticipative, Relevant and Goal-oriented

Evolving, Modern
I have worked on several dozen projects and initiatives in my design career. My portfolio is a sampling of my own and my team’s work. 
Happy to share additional projects that go deeper into specific areas.
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